TUTOR - POOL - Job Description

Posting Duration: Open Until Filled
Building/Campus: To be determined
Job File Number: 9999999-99
Duty Days: 0.00
Pay Grade:
Salary From: TBD
Salary To: TBD
General Summary: Pay Schedule is as follows: Certified Teacher - $21.00 Degree/Not Certified - $19.00 Tutors will work approximately 20 hours per week, but could be more during peak testing periods. Employment as a tutor does not guarantee a minimum number of work hours. Retired teachers are encouraged to review TRS rules as they apply to employment after retirement. www.trs.state.tx.us/
Job Duties: · Provide individual and small group tutoring to students as needed for test preparation and readiness in core content areas. **”Other duties as assigned” may include working in supplemental assignments under special revenue funds or state compensatory education funds.
Job Qualifications: Tutors must be degreed or certified teachers and may be retired. Tutors will be placed according to individual areas of expertise. 
Application Requirements: Must complete an online application and attach a resume. Two job related reference letters required if hired. Appropriate license(s)/certification(s) required if hired. Official transcripts required if hired. All foreign transcripts must be evaluated through an approved agency.
Additional Job Information: No Additional Information.
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